Top 10 Best Toys for Puppies Who Chew (UPDATED)

The Top 10 Best Toys for Puppies Who Chew

Dogs have this natural urge to chew anything and everything! Whether it is because they are teething or the dog is downright naughty, this is a behavior that troubles many pet parents. If left unaddressed, it could lead to a lot of damage in the house and turn your precious pup into a nuisance down the line.

Finding the right chew toy for your pooch can be tricky, especially with the so many options the market has to offer.

To simplify this task for you, we have considered hundreds of dog parent reviews across various online platforms to present to you the 10 best toys for puppies who chew.

Dog Chew Toys – Buyer’s Guide


There are a couple of factors that help to improve the quality of chew toy you buy for your puppy. So, when you go shopping for one, remember to look out for the following features:


You want to ensure the chew toy is the right size for your pup. If you own a large breed dog, buying a small toy could end up in a sorry situation if and when he swallows it. Meanwhile, for a tiny pooch, find a toy that he can fit his mouth around and it should be light enough for the puppy to carry and run around with during playtime.



Chew toys are made out of a wide variety of materials. Some of the more common options include rubber, real wood composites, dense nylon, as well as plush fabrics.

Just like humans, your furry friend will have a preference for certain materials over others. As such, it is up to you to figure this out if you don’t already know. It may also mean that you go through a couple of chew toy brands before you find the perfect choice for your dog.


The best toys for puppies who chew should be durable enough to last more than a few weeks. Some dogs have very powerful jaws even as puppies and can bite through toys with relative ease. Consider a toy made out of strong material to survive the teeth of your aggressive pooch. This will keep you from replacing a chew toy week after week! If your pooch wolfs down their dry dog food quicker than you can blink, then you know you have a chewer on your hands!

Other Functions

Some chew toys are designed to offer more than just a chew thing.

You can find interactive toys that allow you to hide sweet treats within so that your dog has to work to get them out.

This makes it more interesting for your quadruped companion and makes sure that he is kept from any other distractions.

Top 10 Best Puppy Toys


Nylabone Dura Chew Plus


The Nylabone Dura Chew Plus is among the best toys for puppies who chew out there! It is also our number one choice for a good reason. The chew will not only solve your puppy’s teething troubles but is also solid enough to last months without getting torn apart. It will cost you just around $15, which should not be a strain on your pockets.

However, you should note this toy will typically last around six months after which you’ll need to replace it.

This medium model comes with a medium size that will suit dogs that weight up to 35 pounds.

Alternatively, you can go for the smaller or larger varieties if you have a puppy that is outside the medium dog category.

The toy is designed with bumps and ridges to not only clear the plaque but also offer gum stimulation to your teething puppy during chewing. To give your pup more incentive to play with it, the Nylabone Dura Chew Plus is treated with a sumptuous chicken flavor. This will go a long way to clear his doubts about putting it in his mouth.

Also, vegans will be glad to know that the chew toy contains no animal products. Considering the solid design of this chew toy, it will make the perfect option for aggressive chewers who have been ripping apart their previous toys in minutes!

  • Solidly designed
  • Contains chicken flavors
  • Available in different sizes
  • Stimulates the teeth and gum
  • Not suitable for dogs over 50 pounds

Oneisall Indestructible Pet Chew Bone Toy


If you are looking for another durable dog chew toy, this one takes the stakes higher by tricking your dog into thinking it’s an actual bone…just green in color. The Oneisall Pet Chew Bone Toy will make your happy puppy want to chew and play with it all day long.

It is designed in the shape pf a bone and features durable construction that will last longer than your average rope or rubber chew toy. The toy is made out of non-toxic nylon to ensure that your prized poodle’s health is not undermined when he puts it in his mouth. It is also infused with a bacon flavor to encourage your puppy to play with it.

Whether you have a toy breed or medium-sized puppy, this toy is available in various sizes from which you can select one that is perfect for your canine comrade. It will also relieve your dog’s constant urge to chew and help with the cleaning of the teeth and gums. Just remember to replace the Oneisall Indestructible Chew Toy after 6 months!

  • Delicious bacon flavor
  • Durable performance
  • Made out of non-toxic material
  • Nice option for aggressive chewers
  • Too hard for puppies with fragile teeth

Kong Classic Dog Toy


The Kong Classic Dog Toy is another strong contender in the best toys for puppies who chew. This cute red rubber toy will be key to satisfying your puppy’s natural instinct to chew and offer mental stimulation. It also serves to facilitate your poodle’s physical, emotional, and behavioral development.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, this is the right toy to introduce him to. The shape and material used in making the toy give it an unpredictable toy that will make for a fun fetch game with your animal friend. This will also allow you to bond and enhance the relationship between the two of you.

The rubber used is also sturdy and can survive medium chewers, although you can find more indestructible versions of the toy. This all-natural rubber also feels pleasant on your puppy’s mouth. It is also available in six sizes, ranging from XS to XXL, which ensures you get something for all sizes of pups you have.

Another interesting thing is that the Kong Classic Chew Toy has a shape that allows for stuffing with tiny treats or even peanut butter.

This should make your pup work for the reward and make the whole process more interactive. Overall, the Kong Classic is more than just a chew! It has tons of applications that will come in handy in the development of your canine cohabitant.

  • Great for stuffing with treats
  • Available in six sizes
  • Made out of all-natural materials
  • Interactive design
  • Multipurpose functionality
  • Easy cracking in some models; possible quality issues

Mammoth Flossy Chews Rope Tug


Rope toys have always been a great choice for young dogs with teething problems. The Mammoth Flossy Chew Rope is among the best in the market for those looking for a rope toy. It is made to last long and comes with animated colors that to endear to your curious canine.

The rope can be cleaned using a washing machine which makes it easy to make sure that your dog is playing with a safe toy. You get a mixture of pure cotton and non-toxic dye used to create the rope, which keeps it is safe for your pooch to play with.

The rope also does a great job of cleaning any plaque and food pieces stuck between the dog’s teeth.

It also massages and stimulates their gums for much needed development during the teething period. Being a rope toy, it allows you to play tug of war with your dog whenever you want to bond with them.

Ideally, it will be more suited to larger dog breeds, but you can as well use it on your pocket breed and smaller puppies. The Mammoth Flossy Chew Rope Toy will cost you under $10 but last pretty long, ensuring that you get value for your money.

  • Enables to play tug
  • Safe for your dog
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flosses the puppy’s teeth
  • Not the best choice for small breeds

Outward Hound Bionic Ball


If you want a chew toy that will cost you next to nothing, check out the Outward Hound Bionic Ball. But don’t be misled by the cheap price tag, the toy manages to offer excellent performance for your playful puppy. It comes with a spherical shape that will come in handy for games of fetch.

Your dog will have a fun time chewing this durably made toy.

This is made sure by a hole in the center where you can stuff peanut butter or other treats to make things more interesting for your pooch.

Manufactured using FDA-approved and BPA-free food-grade materials, you won’t have to worry about chemicals that may affect your dog’s health.

The Outward Hound Bionic Ball has an unpredictable bounce that should keep your dog up and running aside from just being a chew toy. Another great thing is that it can float in water, which means you can bring it along on those weekend outings at the beach for your precious poodle to play with.

While the Bionic ball is made from durable material, it is not fully indestructible. If you have an aggressive chewer, you want to supervise his playtimes to see that he doesn’t swallow any broken pieces.

  • Can be stuffed with treats
  • Floats in water
  • Unpredictable bounce for playing fetch
  • Extremely cheap
  • Not nice for aggressive chewers

Pet Parents Gnawtlers for Dogs

Just like its name suggests, the Pet Parents Gnawtlers are made out of elk antlers that have been selected from premium grade elk antlers for their weight, density, shape, and color. Animal rights activists will like to know that all the antlers were responsibly harvested without harming the elks during the process.


The Gnawtlers Chew toys are unprocessed, hence don’t leave any mess or color after hours of your puppy playing with them. These are also packed with various nutrients that help to get rid of the plaque in your dog’s mouth.


You’ll also like to know that the Gnawtlers are vacuum sealed for your pup’s safety.

This protects them from contamination as they wait to be transported. The toys are also available in four sizes, giving you the perfect opportunity to select a size that is just right for your canine champion.

Overall, the Gnawtlers are sized for dogs between 20 and 40 pounds. They will make the perfect gift when you want to surprise your little loyal friend with a gift on his birthday or any other relevant anniversary.

  • Vacuum sealed
  • Manufactured from premium grade elk antler
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Perfect doggy gift
  • Larger dogs may try to swallow it

Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick

Teething can be a tough period for puppies but you can save your quadruped companion the trouble by getting him the perfect toy to satisfy his urge for chewing. The Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick will be a great option for a chewing toy.


This will be a relief for your puppy’s gums when they get sore as the new teeth begin to grow. What differentiates this chewing toy from other brands in the market is that when you wet it and store it in the freezer, the outer shell freezes, providing a layer that is cool, as well as crunchy, to relieve your pup’s pain.

On the downside, the Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick is not durable enough to withstand the jaw power of big dog breeds, but it should do okay with smaller puppies. Furthermore, it only costs $5, ensuring that you won’t feel a pinch when buying it.

Generally, the Cool Teething Stick is just what you need to tame your puppy when he starts wreaking havoc around the house. It will not only comfort your pup during the tricky teething stage but also ensure that your shoes are spared the bite!

  • Can be thrown in the freezer for a cooling sensation
  • Variety of textures available
  • Cheap price
  • Crunchy when frozen
  • Not very durable

Chuckit Small Ultra Ball

The Chuckit Ultra Ball is a ruggedly made chew toy that will stand the test of time. It is a nice choice for hard biters who go through other chew toys in minutes. This is thanks to its thick rubber construction to go with a textured surface to handle aggressive chewers.

But aside from being the ideal chew toy, the spherical design allows you to play fetch with your playful pooch.

It also features an unpredictable bounce that should make your playtimes more interesting and fun. In short, it will take care of the pup’s teething and energy needs.

The manufacturer makes this toy more interesting for dogs with bright and animated colors. This ensures that your hound stays engaged all the time and distracts him from the shoes and other “chewables” laying around the house!

  • Bouncy design
  • Tough rubber construction
  • Exciting colors
  • Cheap
  • Some clients have complained it disintegrated rather easily

ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy

Some dogs prefer harder surfaces on their chew toys such as nylon or plastic but others want something softer. If you are looking for a plush chew toy that won’t irritate your precious poodle’s fragile teeth, the ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy is one of the best toys for puppies who chew you can find.

The toy is designed with reinforced stitching on the outside to go with several layers of sturdy fabric that won’t easily be torn apart by determined chewers. There are no dangling parts that will make it easy for your puppy to tear apart to get inside easily.

Inside the chew toy, you get two blaster squeakers to offer your excited poodle hours of entertainment when he’s chewing the Warriorz Plush.

The only problem is that the constant noises may get under your skin if you prefer some peace.

With its 11 by 9-inch size, the ZippyPaws Warriorz Plush Dog Toy is suitable for both large and small dog breeds. However, it might prove to be too large for your toy breed. It is also reasonably priced considering its overall quality construction.

  • Five different designs
  • Squeakers for entertainment
  • Reinforced Z-Stitch technology
  • Plush surface for easy chewing
  • Can be noisy
  • Not right for toy breeds

Jim Hodges Dog Training Elk Antlers for Dogs

Our final pick for the best toys for puppies who chew is another elk antler option! If you are looking for an all-natural chew for your pampered poodle, the Jim Hodges Elk Antlers will be a nice choice. These have proven to be a fan favorite, especially when you consider that they are sourced humanely without harming the elks.

The antlers are tough at nails and therefore, will be hard for your aggressive chewer to compromise the surface. This also ensures that your dog gets enough practice to not only clean the plaque but also strengthen the teeth.

They Jim Hodges have no smell or flavors added, resulting in a natural feel that your dog will be attracted to. Allowing him to play with this chew toy will also be a great way to prevent tartar while ensuring that your dog benefits from calcium, zinc, and more essential nutrients.

  • Tough constriction
  • All-naturally made
  • No smells or added flavors
  • Great source of nutrients
  • Too strong for small puppy teeth


Don’t allow your dog’s chewing to get out hand, lest you want to run out of shoes to wear to work! You can appropriately manage this behavior by simply getting him a nice chew toy to distract him from his dental destruction. If you don’t know where to start, the above post provides you with the best toys for puppies who chew you can start with.


Why Do Dogs Need Chew Toys?

Dogs have a natural urge to chew things! It’s an innate desire that you can’t stop no matter how hard you try…you can only hope to contain it as they get older. This is why dogs who don’t have chew toys end up ravaging through all the shoes and upholstery inside your home. Chewing is also a way to relieve stress for dogs, so providing them with a chew toy helps to manage the situation.

When Should I Introduce a Chew Toy to My Puppy?

The best time to give your puppy a chew toy is when you notice the first signs of teething. This will be evident when your pup starts chewing things uncontrollably. The growing teeth tend to irritate your dog; hence he chews on whatever he can put in his mouth to try and relieve the irritation. Alternatively, you may also notice uncontrollable drooling, swollen gums, and restlessness as a sign of teething. To be sure, check with your breeder to know when you can expect your pooch to begin teething.

Can I Give My Teething Puppy Rawhide as a Chew Toy?

While you won’t find any strict regulations forbidding you from giving your teething puppy rawhide, most experienced veterinarians and pet parents agree that it doesn’t sit well as the ideal choice for puppies. Although it has its benefits, rawhide can easily fall apart from continued chewing, which exposes your pup to the risk of suffocation. Furthermore, it may lead to stomach upsets for breeds with digestive sensitivity issues or worse, be contaminated with harmful bacteria such as E. coli.

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Chewing?

Once you notice your dog developing the undesirable behavior of chewing everything in its way, know that it might take you some time to arrest this habit. The first step to manage this behavior is to provide him with the appropriate chew toys. While some dogs will take to their chew toys rather quickly, others will require more time to get acclimated.

You can also try to train your dog into stopping the habit. For instance, if you find him in the act, stop him with a firm NO! Confiscate the item and divert his attention to the chew toy. This way, you’ll be telling him that it’s okay to mess with the chew toy but not the other stuff in the house. Noteworthy, NEVER resort to physically reprimanding your dog no matter how frustrating it gets!


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